Document Management Development

Document Management Development

Montreal Printing, Why Deal With A Document Management Specialist !

If you've come to this article, chances are you are looking to buy printing for some project either in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Canada or the Eastern United States. I can look up in the yellow pages and get hundred of printing company's names so what's your shpiel?

My shpiel, is simply to make you think about what it is you are really looking for. Printing although thought of as a commodity it is really very specific to each persons needs. If you wanted a bottle of coke, you could buy it at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, your local grocery or convenience store or even get it at a vending machine. The coke from all these places is manufactured at the same place with the same ingrdients and packaged the same. Your choice now comes down to either location, convenience or price? Printing though is specific to your needs. Your letterhead, business card, invoice, envelope, label, all have your logo on it. Paper stock for each item is countless. The type of printing, litho, offset, web, digital, thermoengraved and genuine engraved all give a different look to your product.

What kind of image are you striving for? Lowest cost? Highest Impact? Direct segmented marketing? What do you need most? Cheapest price, best service, guaranteed delivery time, guaranteed product or distribution? Do you enjoy impersonal dealing through the internet which gives you access 24 hours a day or do you like the personal touch of dealing with a representative who knows your business, your products and your needs?

Now we get to Solutions Ink. Solutions Ink is one of many Document Management Specialist. Another term being used is print broker. In today's age we can't be everything to everyone, or can we? The traditional printer had presses that did one type of operation ( printing business cards or enevelopes or forms or labels). If you gave them something outside their domain they outsourced it to another printer who had the appropriate presses. Solutions Ink, like every other document management specialist, takes the outsourcing to the max. We outsource all our printing. For each type of job we have 5 to 6 printers with those appropriate presses. With our sales volumes we are able to sell for less than most direct printers and still get the best quality and service. If your direct printer has 5 rush jobs to do but only 1 press, four of his customers will be disappointed. With our bank of printers we are sure to be able to do your job and meet your deadlines. We at Solutions Ink have invested in e-commerce ordering systems for both printing and promotional products. With in house programmers we can have a live site ready in days.

For these reasons we have continued to double our sales over the last 3 years every year. Customers that have found our advantages include Canon, McGill University, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Mexx, Browns, Hema Quebec, Bosch, Thermador, Sub Zero, Wolfe, Solectron, L'Oreal as well as host of others. Due to technology the world is such a small place, that is why we have customers from all over Canada and the United States. If your ready to take the correct next step, find a document management specialist that you are comfortable with or give us a call at 514-337-2238 or visit us on the web at Finding the right person to work with require a little effort on your part. Find out what the company is about, can you deal with the personality of the company or representative, what they have to offer you to better your business. Think of it as the dating process. you are not committed to them unless you'd like to be. If it's not a perfect match, continue to look. Try to find a provider who can offer you all the things you need and make you happy. Buying should't be the stressful part of your business!

Steven Schneidman has a B.A. in Psychology and an MBA. He worked for the second biggest bank in Canada and taught Finance at one of it's Universities. He has owned 2 successful printing and promotional product companies.