Document Management Development

Document Management Development

Document management : A dream of paperless office

What is document management: When we think about "Document Management" we usually see a picture of paperless office. It is not an easy task to make an office paperless due to several existing problems based on Industrial needs. Even it is very much difficult to make a shop paperless using document management. Document management is about to manage the document in such a way so that it can be within our reach whenever needed in the desired form without wasting extra time and space. Since computer is a wonderful device and much useful in document management.

How document management work: There are several software which can help in document management. There are some terms which is useful to know for document management.

Electronic Document Capture (EDC) for document management.

Scanning, Text recognition & image conversion are comes under this category in document management. In this we simply convert paper media to soft copy. This is a very useful activity to do document management. By this our reach towards any document becomes more easy and cost effective. Take an example if you want to search a particular paper from a bunch of thousand papers. Using soft copy it is very easy and cost effective. If you want to give a copy to any other person then too it is very quick and economic.

Optical character recognition (OCR) for document management.

Just what will happen if your document is a normal document typed using a simple typewriter font. Optical character recognition plays a role to understand what is it exactly. Simply saying it recognize the characters printed on a physical media you can say a normal paper.

Electronic document management system (EDMS) for document management.

If you have a big collection of electronically created documents then electronic document management system is the basic need to correctly locate and display the required document. There may be several requirements to manage the electronically created documents with respect to searching and some other similar operations. There may be a need to maintain summary of all documents and different versions of source documents.

Electronic Record management system (ERMS) for document management.

There are several application where there is need to maintain the records in highly ordered way like payrolls & patient records. This system manage the documents in such a way so that these are easily accessible effectively.

Web content management (WCM) for document management.

This system is used to manage websites in a very systematic way. There are so many web documents which needs to store and publish to any website defining several permissions. This document management system take care of all such needs.

Workflow management (WFM) for document management.

If a document is created after passing several highly ordered steps then this work flow management system is used for document management. We use very efficient software for this document management. Every document should be within reach of correct person timely and that's done by this type of document management.

Knowledge Management (KM) for document management.

FAQ are the good example of this type of document management. Any information should be communicated to relevant person easily. This is very useful in industries where this type of document management system fills the bridge of communication gap.

These are general terms which are used for document management. Now it may be very easy to decide which type of document management is best suited for any need. Afterwards you can search and implement the particular document management.

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Need of Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management or Enterprise Information Management is perhaps one of the most important of the enterprise solutions that will provide a solution to the various requirements of SOX. Several sections of SOX have a direct bearing on the manner in which the digital documents/records of the enterprise are created, reviewed, approved, stored, retrieved, transferred, and destroyed.

Knowledge Management: Document & Records Management

Estimates have been made calculating that a significantly large proportion (some say, more than 70%) of the documents owned by an enterprise are in digital format and might never be seen in hardcopy.

According to Gartner’s Editor in Chief James Lundy: Records management will become a top 10 issue for many CIOs in the coming year.

In the following, we will discuss the various sections of SOX that a document management solution might help in complying with.

SOX Sections:

Section 302: According to Section 302, the CEO and CFO have to personally certify the financial statements and disclosures made by the company on authenticity and accuracy. This requires a system in place that will make the CEO and the CFO confident that all the disclosures that the company makes are accurate and authentic. This can be done in two ways:

One is to trickle-down the responsibility of the CEO and the CFO to the lower management levels and in response bubble-up the sign-offs from the lower management levels on all documents that are inputs to the company filings.

Second is to design comprehensive business processes that produce the company filings. The business processes will be designed in a very rigorous manner to comply with all the provisions and proper implementation and training of all the personnel related to the business processes will be carried out and tested on a periodic basis. Further, the business processes themselves will be open to stringent internal audits that will be carried out from time to time.

One, or a combination of both these practices will go a long way towards ensuring proper compliance.

For both these options it is clear that a strong enterprise-wide document management system will provide the foundation on which the compliance will actually be carried out. In the first case, the sign-offs can be configured using a workflow module of the document management system. In the second case, the business process itself will be configured in the document management system and all the relevant supporting or input documents too will be part of the DMS and appropriate subordination and linking will be done between the official company filings and all the input documents to it.

As proof of the records supporting the final company financials—as filed or reported—it is important to archive all the emails, excel sheets, instant messages or other communications and documents that were exchanged which led to a final certified filing by the CEO and CFO. This will safeguard the CxO’s claim that all the financial reports are true to their knowledge and due diligence was carried out before certifying the reports.

Section 404: The CEO and CFO need to provide a report assessing and certifying that the “internal controls” have been assessed and are working fine or that there are weaknesses and appropriate action is being taken. Complying with this requirement is one of the most difficult parts of SOX and requires a whole slew of people, processes and technologies. However, DMS has an important role to play in this.

All the emails and attached documents in the chronological sequence will need to be archived for the purpose of proving that the internal controls are appropriate. Ideally, a workflow module will provide added assurance that the internal controls are implemented.

Section 103: requires storing the documents for a period of 7 years for audit companies. The company being audited would naturally want to replicate the documentation to guard against any discrepancy or miscommunication or mismanagement. Also another part of the act requires

Section 409: requires near-real-time reporting of all material events—whether internal or external to the investors and the regulatory bodies. This can be accomplished by using a single enterprise-wide document management system with appropriate “alerts” and notifications and workflow configured according to the design of the compliance-based business processes. This system would make sure that all relevant information is immediately relayed to the top management (CEO and CFO) and the compliance committee and advisors with minimum delays and latency. DMS provides appropriate capabilities to the compliance advisors to provide a recommendation (within the stipulated time frame) linked to each alert and escalate the reports to the CxOs with the appropriate recommendations. The CxOs can then decide whether it merits disclosure under the compliance act based on recommendations of their Compliance Committee or Advisors.

Section 802: provides for criminal penlties for knowingly altering, destroying, concealing and other activities, such as introducing false records, related to impeding or influencing an ongoing or potentially upcoming investigation by a federal agency. This would call for holding all documents in a secure system where absolutely no one in the company can alter them once they are finalized. Also this calls for a formal document retention and destruction policy which is strictly adhered to (in fact, can be proven to be adhered to) and which involves making sure that no document which any investigating agency would require is being destroyed or deleted. Furhter, the act requires that as soon as the company comes to know about a potential investigation all documents pertaining or somehow germane to that investigation are immediately ordered indestructible to or unalterable by anyone—including the CxOs of the company. This makes it important to have a feature related to creat!

Electronic Document Management - Why?

Irrespective of a company's size, most businesses have already adopted some sort of an electronic document management system, but they usually do not think of it in those terms. As a result, the system is often incomplete; it may include word processing, spreadsheets and a backup system for storage, but they rely on a number of manual paper document processes, as well. The documents may be distributed in a variety of ways, either by mail, fax, email or courier. The fact is that most companies already have a "hybrid" document management system consisting of paper and electronic documents which can be overcomplicated and include more costly manual processes than necessary. Any excessive expenses relating to documents are typically considered part of "the cost of doing business".

It is significant to note that these electronic systems were chosen because they increase productivity, and subsequently profits. But in this new age of technology, new tools are introduced on an almost monthly basis and many companies find they have acquired a variety of systems which have not integrated very well with one another. Of course, just to remain competitive and keep up with new trends, companies find they must continually research the newly emerging technologies and products, yet this can be overwhelming. So many variables must be considered, and often times executives may not be exactly sure how a new technology would be an advantage. It is at this point that some logical thinking might help, and the key question should be asked, "What is our goal?" The answer is usually, "Increase profits and streamline for the long-term".

It is essential that the goal is not forgotten when entertaining the thought of implementing new technologies, and it is likewise important to begin thinking in terms of enterprise document management because this title fully describes the concept of what was intended originally when the first computer was purchased. The concept of email, however, did not exist when that computer was initially bought, and as a result, it seems that the business world still forgets to include it today as an actual component of their document management systems. Yet each email message is, in itself, a document. A document is an instrument of communication. This instrument of communication requires a conduit or distribution mechanism, i.e., email system, just like other documents require fax, mail or an email system. Does it not make sense that the entire document creation, distribution and storage process be consolidated and managed simultaneously for maximum streamlining effect?

Because business document management needs have grown due to increased productivity following the advent of the computer, businesses have subsequently become reliant upon the computer. Most mid- and large-scale companies now employ their own IT staff, while the smaller companies outsource for their computer needs. The industry is enormous, and it is incredibly complicated and confusing to most business professionals born before 1970. Consequently, the prospect of analyzing the computer and document-related options for operational streamlining can cause most to suffer paralysis when it comes time to make a choice.

Montreal Printing, Why Deal With A Document Management Specialist !

If you've come to this article, chances are you are looking to buy printing for some project either in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Canada or the Eastern United States. I can look up in the yellow pages and get hundred of printing company's names so what's your shpiel?

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Now we get to Solutions Ink. Solutions Ink is one of many Document Management Specialist. Another term being used is print broker. In today's age we can't be everything to everyone, or can we? The traditional printer had presses that did one type of operation ( printing business cards or enevelopes or forms or labels). If you gave them something outside their domain they outsourced it to another printer who had the appropriate presses. Solutions Ink, like every other document management specialist, takes the outsourcing to the max. We outsource all our printing. For each type of job we have 5 to 6 printers with those appropriate presses. With our sales volumes we are able to sell for less than most direct printers and still get the best quality and service. If your direct printer has 5 rush jobs to do but only 1 press, four of his customers will be disappointed. With our bank of printers we are sure to be able to do your job and meet your deadlines. We at Solutions Ink have invested in e-commerce ordering systems for both printing and promotional products. With in house programmers we can have a live site ready in days.

For these reasons we have continued to double our sales over the last 3 years every year. Customers that have found our advantages include Canon, McGill University, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Mexx, Browns, Hema Quebec, Bosch, Thermador, Sub Zero, Wolfe, Solectron, L'Oreal as well as host of others. Due to technology the world is such a small place, that is why we have customers from all over Canada and the United States. If your ready to take the correct next step, find a document management specialist that you are comfortable with or give us a call at 514-337-2238 or visit us on the web at Finding the right person to work with require a little effort on your part. Find out what the company is about, can you deal with the personality of the company or representative, what they have to offer you to better your business. Think of it as the dating process. you are not committed to them unless you'd like to be. If it's not a perfect match, continue to look. Try to find a provider who can offer you all the things you need and make you happy. Buying should't be the stressful part of your business!

Steven Schneidman has a B.A. in Psychology and an MBA. He worked for the second biggest bank in Canada and taught Finance at one of it's Universities. He has owned 2 successful printing and promotional product companies.

Accounts Payable: A Powerful Document Management and Workflow Solution

Accounts payable is just one area of office management where problems arise because of the sheer complexity of transactions, and the vast amount of paperwork that is generated.

A disproportionate amount of time and administrative resources is consumed just getting invoices approved for payment. The problem becomes compounded when invoices are lost when being circulated for clearance and even more time is then lost in the retrieval process.

Typically these documents include purchase invoices from suppliers, sales invoices to customers and purchase orders generated by customers.

Even if missing documentation is successfully recovered from the system, the delay will have caused major inconvenience. If it is not recovered, the effects on business are routinely disruptive, and in extreme cases, disastrous.

TokOpen is a powerful document management and workflow software solution that goes far beyond conventional document capture and storage. Uniquely flexible, the package allows systems to be configured to meet customers’ specific needs.

How TokOpen works

Automated data entry allows invoices to be scanned, indexed and stored in the system, avoiding time-consuming manual entry. Automated reading can take two forms: either header reading (reference number, client name and amount); or full line item reading. Alternatively, invoice information can still be entered manually if required.

Once in the system, invoices are electronically routed through a workflow process that includes notifying all authorised staff when an invoice is waiting for their approval. Online reports are automatically generated where invoices awaiting approval are delayed or missing. These reports are configurable, so they can be set up to cover other factors critical to successful payment completion.

Internal security is built into the system, and access controls ensure that only authorised staff can open invoices or related documents. Audits are automatically maintained on all documents as they progress through the system, so each time they are accessed or amended, time, date, identity and activity details are logged.

Where associated documents are in the system, these are stored in the same file alongside invoices so they can be located quickly and easily. Access can be gained from other systems, in which case folders and documents are displayed in a standard Web browser.